Different Types of Air Condition Systems


Different Types of Air Condition Systems

As it was explained in our previous article, we know how the AC systems work and also some of their basic functions. If you could not read it, you can check that out.

Choosing the right type of air conditioning highly depends on our requirements and needs. For example, the size of our desired area is one of the parameters that affects our final decision.

Next would be the weather and temperature condition of that area. It means that some parameters like the humidity, temperature and how sensitive the area is against sun shine and warmth.

Apart from these, it is also important to define how smart should your air condition system be. Meaning that if it works automatically or should be set manually and also how many features and options it should give you.

In this article, we will take a look at the following Air Conditioners:

1. Split Air Conditioners

These types of air condition systems are mounted on a wall and each one of the systems contains two units. Each of these two units has a specific role in cooling our homes and therefore each of them contains special components.

In split AC, one unit should be installed outside of the desired area containing compressor, condenser coil and expansion coil. This unit should be mounted on the wall from exterior.

However, the second unit containing a cooling coil and air filter should be mounted on the wall from inside the room.

As the outside and inside units are linked with wires and tubes, this type of AC system is a good choice for homes since the exterior unit containing compressor and fan is located outside of the home and less or no noise can be heard from inside.

2. Packaged AC Systems

In this type of air conditioner, instead of using conventional two separate units, it only consists of one unit. Therefore, this unit contains both the condenser and cooling systems.This system can be installed on the exterior wall or on the roof.

This system is the right choice for large houses and commercial buildings, since it can generate more heat or cold.

The system works as the main unit is connected to the rooms through some paths. By a fan inside of this system, it can absorb the hot air and by passing it through a coil filled with refrigerant, it cools the air and then through the paths pushes to the room.

3. Central AC Systems

For large homes, offices, big buildings and gyms, this system can be a good choice. Since these systems can cool a wast area very fast and efficiently, they are very popular these days.

The function of this system is like other air conditioners. By using a compressor in the exterior side of the building it cools the air by passing it through a cold evaporator coil and circulates it through the ducts to the rooms.

4. Window AC

These relatively inexpensive, simple and compact air conditioners are ideal to be used for a single room.

These compact systems being fixed along the lower part of the window, contains all the components to push out hot air from the room while blowing cold air into it.

5. Portable AC

These portable air conditioning units can be installed in any place depending on your needs as they are very compact, small and light. It does not need any skills to be installed and can push out the hot air from the room.


We have gathered the fundamental information to give you an insight about Air Conditioning Systems. But, there are some critical points that should be noticed while installing these units. In another article we will explain more how to install these systems and the required tools and equipments.

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