What kind of Garage Doors suits us better


What kind of Garage Doors suits us better

There are different types of Garage Doors in the market for different usages and projects being made with various materials, features and components.

Although the main purpose of using a Garage Door is for the security of the house and the properties, but also it should be used easily, has a good insulation and give the house or project an appealing look.

Since Garage Doors are visually a big and important part of the houses, they also should be considered from aesthetic aspect. Therefore, if you pay attention to other parts of the house such as windows, main entrance exterior walls but not to the Garage Door, this will affect your whole project.

There are some key and fundamental factors such as width and height or the designated space that should be taken into account in the first place before choosing a Garage Door based on its look or from designing aspect.

In this article we shed light into these factors that can help you which of the following Garage door suits you better:

  1. Up and Over Garage Doors
  2. Roller Garage Doors
  3. Sectional Garage Doors
  4. Side Sliding Garage Doors
  5. Bifold Garage Doors
  6. Side Hinged Garage Doors

1. Up and Over Garage Doors

Two important parameters in this type of Garage Door is the available space in the Garage to park a car and also the available space in driveway.
Since it has a one-piece structure and it can goes up from its bottom either outward or inward, it has been one of the main conventional garage doors. As it does not require big space, it is a good choice for the people who has limited space in garage. But it should be also considered that when it opens to the driveway side, it needs more space from that side to be opened.


2. Roller Garage Doors

These types of garage doors operate vertically and it rolls on the top of the entrance and does not have tracks inside. Therefore it is more suitable for garages with shorter ceiling having less available headroom. There are also other situations that makes using this type of garage doors more logical, such as needing storage space or an obstacle that does not let other types of garage doors perform.
These garage doors can also be operated remotely and can have a good insulation if it is need.

3. Sectional Garage Doors

These garage doors also operates vertically moving up and back and located on bottom of the garage ceiling. Therefore, this mechanism makes it possible to maximize the space from inside and outside of garage.
For large garages needing larger doors and also double or single-skinned insulation, you will have various options to choose which fits your requirements.


4. Side Sliding Garage Doors

There are some cases that it is not possible to store the door of garage below the ceiling of the garage, therefore there is a another option that it moves to the corner or downside of garage which Side Sliding Garage Doors can be used.
They are also suitable for places needing frequent access by walk to take out something from the garage like a bicycle without confronting a door.

5. Bifold Garage Doors

One of the other alternative ways to solve the problem in a garage with low height ceiling is using Bifold Garage Doors, that their mechanism does not require any space on wall.
Only a dedicated space is needed for this system to be folded back, no matter if it opens from inside or even from outside.


6. Side Hinged Garage Door

These are more conventional garage doors that be opened from inside or outside, so they also can be used for old houses as well. The door of the new and modern designs can split one-third, two-thirds or in half when being opened.

In General, these doors open outwards but depending on the slope of the driver, they can be also opened from inside. There can be some cases that the garage is not used to park a car, so only a door being opened can give enough space to pass by walk.

The combination of this system is a good choice for a ceiling being used as a storage, but it needs enough room in the driveway side to be opened.

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