Treadmill Purchase Guide – Part 2

1. Available Space to fit the Treadmill

In it explained in Treadmill Purchase Guide – Part 1

2.  Your Training Intensity

Purchasing a suitable treadmill is like other device and equipments highly related to your usage and need. For example, if you need a portable and light laptop, you would not a heavy and bulky gaming laptop.

Therefore, you should first realize what would be your usage from the treadmill and how intense do you want to use it. To clarify, you should decide that if you need the treadmill to walk in slow pace or to run with high speed. 

Another factor that would narrow down your choices, is your weight. For example, imagine buying an office chair which should suit your weight, otherwise it will not function well or will be break easily.

By answering the two above questions, you can understand which treadmills will suit your need better. Because if you work out heavily, running with high speed or having more weight, then you will need a treadmill with more powerful motor, longer tracks and also wider Belt Width.

3. Your Budget

Like other purchase, one of the most important factor is your budget. There are many models of treadmills in the market that can full fill the needs of customers with different prices. We can categorize our budget lists in two main group:

Entry Level or Budget treadmills: including treadmills under 500 $, under 800$ and under 1,000$.

In general you should be very careful buying treadmills under 500$, because they usually do not provide warranties more than 90 days, and also they may not work for you for long and can be break down easily.

Talking about treadmills under 800$, although some of them in this list can work up to one year without any problem specially when being used only for walking, but it would be a hard task to find a high quality treadmill in this price list and they are not also appropriate for intense work out such as running with high speed. Moreover, because of their price range, they may lack of some features like wireless heart rate monitor or manual power incline.

You can find wide variety of treadmills for walking and jogging with the price around 1,000$. In this price they can have different workout programs as well as some features like 7-inches LCD display. Usually companies provide after-sell services for these price range for couple of years.

Better Quality, Most Popular and Premium Treadmills: including treadmills under 1,500$, under 2,000$ and over 2,000$

It can be said that the most popular treadmills being used at homes for runners and intense waling are ranged around 1,500$ having better features like programs provided by monitoring your heart rate or having better and more modern user interface.

The treadmills around 2,000$ are ideal for families with more members using the treadmill as these treadmills provide higher technology and better quality parts. They can provide not only a healthy, but also a comfortable workout experience.

And same as other purchase, there is always a premium group of devices. The treadmill pricing higher that 2,000$ are among this category. They have some special features for any types of needs. For example they have programs, features, and the equipments for fat-burning, Cardio, Marathon-runners and many other workouts. They also feature fancy and luxury design like large capacitive touch screens being able to be connected to TV or other entertaining systems, that the users can benefit from watching movies or hearing their favorite play list. As they cost more, they also offer better tracks and motor powers that can be used more intensely with more durability. Different technologies are being used in different part of these treadmills, like their connections that can be synced with smart watches to monitor and share your workout and giving you a pleasant experience by having long and wide belt and tracks.

4. Desired Features

5. Check the reviews and take test runs


Treadmill Purchase Guide


Treadmill Purchase Guide

These days, because of Coronavirus that leads to a new situation making many people prefer not to take part in normal fitness classes or gyms.

Therefore, they seek into other ways of exercising and being healthy. One of the most common and safest way of exercising is having fitness equipments in homes. Treadmills are among the best fitness equipments as one of the best way to be in a good shape is to walk or run.

In this article we will talk about important factors in buying a treadmill and we divide the information into two main groups:

A. Your preferences and expectations

B. Treadmill specifications


A. Your preferences and expectations

There are many benefits in buying a treadmill for your home, such as its comfort of using. That is you can start your training without leaving home to a fitness gym. Apart from this, for the people who are interested in losing weight, using treadmill regularly is a very good tip for weight loss. In addition, you can walk or run whenever you want comfortably regardless of weather condition. No matter if it rains or snows outside, you can use your relax and comfortable spot of your home to start exercising.

In this section, we will explain the following steps as a guidance, so you can purchase a treadmill which suits your needs and budget.

1.       Available Space to fit the Treadmill

Treadmills are like other home furnitures, that is, you have to specify a proper space for them. It is important to choose a good place that has enough required space to put the treadmill. Therefore, the floor space of the dedicated space should be measured before deciding to check out the treadmills. As there are different types of treadmills in the market, in case of purchasing foldable treadmills, you need to measure the length, width and height of your desired storage space.

Having the available space dimensions can help you to narrow down your choices as in the treadmills dimensions are written in their specification.

One of the factors that can affect treadmills dimension is your main usage of it. If you want to mainly run on the treadmill, you will need a wider treadmill such as 22″ treadmill belt width. If you mainly use treadmill for walking, 20″ treadmill belt width is a good choice, although it can also be used for running but would be less comfortable.

Another part of treadmill which should be considered is its belt length. In General, for walking you need at least 50″ belt length and 55″ for running. In addition for people taller than 6′, 60″ belt length is recommended.

By gathering the above information and the available space at home, you can go to the next step of considering the treadmill sizes. Nowadays, companies are manufacturing treadmills for various scenarios from foldable and compact treadmills for people living in small apartments to desk treadmills. However, the dimensions should be considered carefully for any types of treadmills, because as an example, the foldable treadmills may require big space while being in use. Generally speaking, most of standard treadmill being used in homes have 7′ length and 3′ width.

2.       Your Training Intensity

3.       Your Budget

4.       Desired Features

5.       Check the reviews and take test runs