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Technician job guideline

Dear Technician,

We are hiring self-motivated technicians who are looking to become their own boss. Our platform provides you with consistent jobs and economically priced installation parts in your area! 

To apply, just fill out the application! Upon completion of the application, one of our Recruiting Specialists will give you a call and explain in detail how Xigman works and the exciting opportunities we have available.

Click here to watch Our orientation link

To Download the orientation PDF.

Your position benefits

  • Choose Your own schedule: Work on the weekends or every day of the week. It’s up to you!
  • Competitive, reliable pay: Get paid twice a month via direct deposit.
  •  Earn up to 80% commission per job.
  • Make someone’s day: You’ll make repairs and installations and thrive on 5-star customer reviews and bonuses!
  • Make up to $1500 weekly.

Do you have what it takes to join us?

  • Experience in installations/assembly.
  • Authorized to work in the United States.
  • Clear background check.
  • Access to reliable transportation.
  • Passionate about helping others.

Our Technician App (Workiz) makes your job effortless!

If you are interested in this position. Please apply at

Xigman Company Inc.

HR Department

Phone: +1 (972) 707-1163


Technician report Pdf

Training Technician PDF

XIGMAN sub-contractor agreement

A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Always remember that the safety comes first, make sure you perform the job with cautious in all time.

Important : when the job assigned to you you are responsible to show up at customer location. If for any reason you can not show up, you need to inform dispatch 48 hours before job appointment time.

A. What to do if you have a problem in the job?

  1. Call dispatch and ask for advise
  2. Explain the dispatch advise to customer
  3. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

B. What to do if the item is at front door not delivered to location?

  1. Take picture form the item in front door.
  2. Call dispatch and explain the situation.
  3. Let customer know that you are not responsible to move item and it is customer responsibility to move to location.
  4. Leave customer location and go to your next job.
  5. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

C. What to do if Customer is not at home?

  1. Take picture from the front door and send them to your dispatch.
  2. Leave the location and go to your next job.
  3. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

D. What to do if Item is not delivered?

  1. 1. Let dispatch know. Text or Email
  2. Let customer know that we are going to reschedule the appointment for the next 7 days, but if they receive the item earlier, we can reschedule the job based on the delivery date.
  3. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

*Note : Technician will get paid for TC if customer buy item from Amazon.

E. What to do if the Item have been damaged or have some missing parts?

  1. Take 3 pictures from the damaged item. (Send pictures to your dispatch)
  2. Ask customer to contact customer service and ask for replacement, let customer know that we are going to reschedule the appointment for the next 7 days, but if they receive the item earlier, we can reschedule the job based on the delivery date.
  3. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

*Note: Technician is responsible to inspect the item before start job. If technician find out in the middle of the job that the item is damaged or missing part, we can only pay TCD, if customer buy item from Amazon.

*Note : If for any reason customer claim for any damage or missing part or wrong installation, installation fee and item price will be deduct from technician paycheck.

F. What to do if the Job is completely done, but customer is not satisfied with job?

  1. Take picture and video of the completed job and send to your dispatch.
  2.  Ask customer if they want to reschedule the appointment and dis-assemble the product and offer them to provide new service or assemble the replaced product.
  3.  if customer want to redo the assembly. It is important to ask the customer to call the Amazon customer service and ask for part replacement and dis-assembly service for your next visit.
  4. Inform the dispatch about the whole procedure.
    if there is no need to reschedule just, let your dispatch know
  5. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

*Note: Technician will get paid for full price installation, if customer buy item from Amazon.

G. What to do if the technicians make damages while providing the service for customer?

  1. Take picture immediately from the damage part or assets.
  2. Send the pictures to your manager first and then call your manager to get guideline.
  3. Important note: In this situation you shall not close the job in any circumstances.
  4. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

H. What to do if the technician is not feeling safe?

  1. Leave the job sight and stay away from the unsafe location as much as possible.
  2. Inform your manager or dispatcher about the situation
  3. Write order number and explain the situation in form “number 1”

I. What if you can not reach your appointment at time frame?

  1.  Let dispatch know as soon as you can that you cannot reach the appointment time.
  2. You will charge $50

J. What if you do not show up at customer home and you do not let dispatch know about that?

  1. You will charge $100

K. What is you do not send ETA or START your job on-time?

  1. You will charge

L. What if customer you feel that customer is not happy with your job or with item or it is possible to give you bad review?

  1. Call dispatch and tell them about the situation.
  2. Do NOT close your job
  3. Take some pictures from you completed job and send it to company
  4. Leave customer home and ask dispatch to close the job for you.
  5. AGAIN —— Do NOT close your job.
  6. If you close job and customer write less than 5 stars reviews, you may charge for that.

Additional FAQ

How long before the scheduled job date should I contact the customer?

This highly depends on the scope of work. For bigger jobs (pergolas, gazebos, etc) and especially 2-day jobs (in-ground BB hoops, etc.) we advise you to contact the customer a few days out to ensure proper working conditions and that all needed materials can be bought. For smaller assembly jobs we recommend contacting the customer 24 hours before the job and sending the ETA as soon as initial contact was made. inactivity

Do I need to bring any materials?

No, you are not required to bring materials that go into the job, besides your tools. When getting in touch with the customer initially please remind them to buy any needed extra materials beforehand.

Can I bring a helper on the job?

The only person who you can bring as a helper is another Puls Pro tech. If the person you intended to bring is not a Tech, simply have them sign up as one in time for a background check to pass.

What happens if I fail to show up to a job?

In this case we will take a $100 cancellation fee out of your next paycheck. No further action will be taken if this does not happen regularly. If there is an emergency reason you cannot make it to the job site, please try to let us know under all circumstances.
A customer expects me to do licensed work/ licensed work is necessary to complete the job.
No Amazon job will ever require licensed work (e.g. plumbing) in its original scope.
However, some job sites might still require licensed work for you to complete your job. This falls back on the customer. Under no circumstances should you try to do any of that work yourself. Here is what to do in this case:

  1.  Alert the customer that licensed work needs to be done for your job to be completed
  2. Contact the head office for further instructions
  3. Do not leave the job site until further instructions come in

Weather conditions make it impossible to work my job, what do I do?

If the current or forecasted weather makes it impossible to complete your job, please get in touch with the customer and arrange for a re-schedule. Explain to them, that they should request a re-schedule with Amazon once a new date and time are agreed upon and we will confirm on our end.

How do I deal with jobs that take more than one day (multiple / 2 day jobs)?

In this case you should make the customer aware that the jobs needs to be re- scheduled while on the jobs site. Find a mutually agreeable date and time to continue the job and contact the office immediately to let us know. We will then initiate a reschedule and which prompts Amazon to send an email to the customer asking them to confirm.

There is more work than the job indicated, what do I do?

The amount of work you encounter at the job site might vary from what was advertised. Whether it be due to the customer falsely ordering the wrong job or them asking you to do more work after you are done with you regular job. In this case you should evaluate whether this is work you can, want and have the time to do. If yes, you can offer the customer more work for an increased price and re-estimate the price with the help of us in the Amazon app. The customer needs to agree to any price change.

What do I have to know about selfies? (Selfie policy)

Amazon has this to say about the conditions the selfie has to meet:
Note: Each photo should be a head-shot format photo of the technician (not the completed product or service) that is in focus, well lit and with realistic color.
Not explicitly mentioned but important is to take the selfie on-site and not in your vehicle.
Please also note that you should never leave the job-site before having successfully uploaded the selfie via the Amazon app. If you have trouble uploading, try these measures:
• Restart your phone and/or the app
• Walk to a different location within the general vicinity of the jobs (~100 yards) Should you still be unsuccessful, contact the head office immediately.
Should we get notified by Amazon that your selfie did not meet their standards you risk a 48h account suspension.
Also please note this: Your selfie needs to match the photo you uploaded during your sign-up process with Pulspro. Should you ever make substantial changes to your appearance such as shaving/growing a beard or altering your haircut in a major way, please contact us immediately with a new photo of yourself.

What is a happiness guarantee?

Amazon has a Happiness Guarantee that we, as service providers must meet. Essentially, it is up to us, once we start a job, to complete it satisfactorily. This includes on time and according to the scope of work for each job. If a customer files a
Happiness Guarantee Claim and Amazon finds it justified, we can be charged for the fee to have another company complete the service, any damage done during the work and even replacement of any product that needs replaced. This can quickly add up to a substantial amount.
The first thing to know is anytime you arrive on a job that is either out of the scope of the original job or beyond your ability to complete, call or email the office immediately. If the job is out of the scope of the original job we can either increase the price or legitimately cancel the job. If the job is within the scope but beyond your ability to complete, do not start it! We can cancel the job and only have to pay the $100 cancelation fee. While this is not ideal, it is much better than starting and not satisfactorily completing a job that we can later be charged a much higher Happiness Guarantee. In your training and through subsequent communications, we now require all technicians to take pictures and if necessary, videos of every job and to maintain them a minimum of 90 days after the job is complete. These will aid in answering any questions concerning a potential Happiness Guarantee.

What happens if a happiness guarantee is filed against me?

Effective immediately Pulspro is implementing the following policy:
Any Happiness Guarantee Claim filed against Company will be charged to the Technician responsible for the job.
The Technician is liable for cost that arises on the job.
Besides that, if the technician cannot provide us with any pictures or video material to defend the claim, your ability to claim jobs will be disabled for 48 hours.
While this is our standard policy going forward, each case will be handled on an individual basis and may be amended after discussions between Company management and the Technician.
Special attachment: TV-Wall Mounting
What if the customer is not providing a mounting bracket? (No mounting bracket) In this case it is up to you as the Tech to provide the mounting bracket out of your own pocket. Amazon requires the bracket to be a standard, non-swivel TV mounting bracket.

What if wires have to be concealed inside of the dry-wall?

In this case you will have to supply a power cord management kit or other flat panel TV connection kit to add a power outlet behind the customer’s TV, since building codes prohibit power cords being simply tucked behind drywall, because that’s a fire hazard.

For all low voltage cables (HDMI, etc.) hiding them inside of the drywall is perfectly fine and needed if the customer chose that option. Here you will need multiple cable wall plates and corresponding brackets to run the cables behind the drywall.
Who provides the cord cover?
As stated in the scope of the work it is the Tech’s responsibility to provide the cord cover. We recommend getting in touch with the customer in beforehand to get information on the necessary length of the cover.
PLEASE NOTE: All extra materials from mounting brackets (when not customer provided) to cord covers have to be provided by you at your own cost.
If you have any issue with that, please DO NOT CLAIM ANY WALL MOUNTING JOB that includes providing extra parts or materials.
For more information on the scope of work, please check the ‘Services Provided’ tab on any job.